#instakina14: The Photokina 2014 Instagram Challenge

Smartphone-Photography is an important, current trend in the world of photography and at the Photokina too. From 15th to 21st September 2014 the Photokina is calling for participants for the #instakina14 – the Photokina Instagram Challenge.

the Photokina is calling for participants for the #instakina14 Intstagram Challenge.

the Photokina is calling for
participants for the #instakina14 Intstagram Challenge.

This year photography is celebrating its 175 birthday and is still in a dynamic process of creative evolution. Using technologies such as smartphones, digital cameras and social media services, thousands of viewers can follow news and events in a quasi-live fashion.

In an era of digital and smartphone photography using WIFI, almost everybody habitually and constantly carries an instantly available camera. Social Media services such as Instagram or Twitter pictures allow sharing, viewing, instant feedback, and some images can even go viral.

The goal of the founders of Instagram, one of the leading social media photography platforms, was to empower the users of the service to interact via images with an easy to use app and allow a high level of integration with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Instagram has proved to be a perfect tool for social-photography and currently has more than 200 million users.

What is the #instakina14?

In 2014 the Photokina is holding her first Instagram Challenge – the #instakina14. All visitors of the Photokina who bring a smartphone with an integrated camera to the Photokina or a camera with WIFI, are eligible to enter #instakina14, a photography contest using the Instagram platform. This Intagram Challenge by the Photokina is looking for creative implementation of the topics listed below. The #instakina14 wants to demonstrate that with Instagram superb images can be created and shared.

Show us with Instagram your personal Photokina experience. Show us
what you can do with a smartphone with a cool selfie, a picture of new
technology, new products, models, presentations, etc. And at the same
time compete for prizes with a total value of over 1,500 Euro.

The #instakina14 is fun and easy:

Smartphone-Fotografie ist auch auf der Photokina und unter Fotografen voll im Trend. Aus diesem Grund ruft die Photokina zur die Instagram-Challenge #instakina14 auf.

The # instakina14 run by the Photokina wants to demonstrate that with
Instagram superb images can be created and shared.

  • You have a smartphone with a camera and are at the Photokina in Cologne between the 15th and 21st of September 2014.
  • You choose 4 of the following subjects:
    • #action,
    • #camera,
    • #edit,
    • #light,
    • #print
    • #stage.
  • You enter a maximum of 4 images via Instagram with the theme „My Photokina“.
  • You share your images via Instagram, and if you wish, via other platforms as well.
  • The 4 subjects may be presented in individual images or as a collage.
    • Tip: Collages can be created using free apps such as InstaCollage,PhotoCollage, Photo Grid, InstaPicFrame etc.
  • The entries must be posted to Instagram with the following hashtags:
    • #photokina, #instakina14 and the subject, e.g. #photokina, #instakina #camera or #photokina, #instakina #stage.
  • The photos must be tagged as @photokina
  • The deadline for posting images is September, the 21st, 11:59 PM German time.
Beispiel eines Fotos  zur #instakina14: diese Hastags sollten bei dem Thema #camera im Text genannt werden.

Example for the #instakina14: using three Hastags in the Instagram discription of the photo

The images will be judged by a jury, and the winners will be notified via the e-mail and on this webside. The best images will also be presented via the Photokina fanpage. The Jury will judge creativity, composition as well as the technical quality of the photos.

The #instakina14 Jury:

The Prizes:

Please read also the Terms and Conditions of the #instakina14 Instagram Challenge:

Terms & conditions:

All entries may be used by the Koelnmesse GmBH, photokina and Pia Kleine Wieskamp – named organizers – free of charge for journalistic purposes during and after the competition. For this coverage, the respective participants grant a free, temporally, spatially unrestricted, freely transferable and sub-licensable right of use the images including the right to modify
and edit the images.

The organizers are especially entitled to print the submitted images for exhibition purposes. These prints shall become the property of the organizers, who may freely dispose of these.

Each participant confirms that he/she is the sole author of the work submitted, has sufficient rights to grant the organizers the above rights and that the pictures are free from third rights.

Each participant confirms that the Selected Images are original and do not infringe on, violate or misappropriate any third party copyright, trademark, rights of privacy, publicity, moral rights, defames any third party, or violate any other third party right.

Each participant confirms that a valid release, either model/and or property has been obtained where necessary and appropriate for each image and the organizers may use such images without obtaining any additional consents or permissions or the payment of additional fees to third parties.

The participants are also responsible for ensuring that depicted persons or the owner of the rights of images, from which the works submitted to the competition may result, from adaptation or transformation, the consent to the publication and utilization of images including have issued journalistic analysis in the context of competition in a traceable form.

Participants are liable for all damages arising if the required consent of third parties has not been granted.

All data resulting from the entries will be destroyed after a two-year retention period.

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